Genome Generation Express

Explore current and potential ethical issues in genetics and genomics with this discussion-based activity.

Technological advances in genomics and DNA sequencing over the last decade or so has led to many new applications that have the potential to massively impact healthcare and society. Due to the rapid development of these advances; there are many important personal, social and ethical questions that still need addressing. Everyone’s views are different and often there isn’t a simple or definitive answer.

This activity helps you to explore your views and discuss what other people may think. There are a number of issues highlighted as you go through the activity that are often forgotten but are nevertheless critical considerations for society. Remember everyone’s viewpoint is valid and can help to view the issues from different perspectives.

Both of the scenarios are fictitious, but are scientifically accurate and could become real life situations in the near future.


Age: 14 years + (KS4 +)

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